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What Is a Residential College?

Students and parents alike appreciate the benefits of life in a residential college. Like a small, private college, a residential college is a close-knit community of learners transforming their educational experiences into something that works for them and their interests, both during college and after they graduate. Students get personalized attention and don't fall through the cracks, yet still have a world of opportunity open to them in the larger university setting.

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Residential college

RCAH Student Adventures

Read about RCAH students spending their summers in Italy, Costa Rica, and in the world of theatre. Follow us on social media for updates.

  • Cami Hancock on her love of theatre: Curtain Call with Cami
  • Grace Koepele traveling through Italy teaching English: Ciao for Now
  • Costa Rica Students


RCAH Summer Blogs

RCAH Spotlight

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